Sunday, December 12, 2010

"The game is afoot..."

So said Sherlock Holmes when things began to get interesting on a case he was working on. And that's how I'm feeling these days...things are starting to get interesting.

I have made a presentation to the missions board at my church, Summerland Baptist, asking if they would consider sponsoring my mission proposal called Mercy Tech Mission. For those who don't know, I'm creating a non-profit organization that will enable me to take out teams of professionals and tradespeople to work on various projects around the world, wherever there is a need. I expect to hear back from them sometime in mid-January.

But it appears that God isn't interested in waiting. Already I have people interested in making a trip to Mozambique, perhaps in July/August of 2011. So I've begun to work on plans toward that end, trusting that the Lord will provide the resources needed for such an endeavor. Our work will probably be in the areas of mechanics and building, and we would be going for at least one month. There is room for a few hardy souls to join us, so if you would like to know more about this possible service opportunity, then feel free to contact me at .

And yes, that will be our new website as we get up and running: . This is where you will find more information about Mercy Tech Mission, and about how you can be involved, either by supporting our work financially and in prayer, or by going along on one of our trips yourself.

So stay tuned...I really mean it when I say that things are starting to get interesting!