Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sharing of a Gift

Since returning from Africa at the end of March, I have had opportunity to talk about the work of Mercy Tech Mission on several different occasions. Twice I have spoken at Rotary Clubs, had opportunity to present at churches, talk with shop owners and industry leaders, as well as write articles for local newspapers.

Below are a few photos from when Bob and I shared about our trip to our own church family at Summerland Baptist on a missions night.
Third Sunday Missions meeting, Summerland Baptist
Rick Cogbill talking about Mercy Tech Mission
Bob Denesiuk sharing his experiences in Africa
But as I prepare for my next trip (leaving Canada on July 25th), there has been a lot of other sharing going on as well. Of course, the obvious one is that many people have come on board financially, and to date we have about 80% of our trip budget raised. (Compare that to only 30% for our last trip...!)

A number of companies have also shown their support for our goal of starting a trades training program in Mozambique. Here are a few examples:

MOTOR Magazine: Donation of automotive manuals and DVDs for the trade school library
Toshiba Canada: Donation of a laptop computer for the maintenance shop and trade school
Free use of online training materials by
Free use of training database by CDX Global

One man has also donated a large cash gift that will help me assist the local church in Mozambique with obtaining instruments and training for their corporate worship times. His reason? "It was through music that I came to the Lord."

Others have given towards the Maintenance Shop project.

Whatever the gift, it has spoken to me of the reality that all we have is a gift from God. As good stewards of life, we are to share those gifts. Some of us go; some stay and support - but all give.

Photo by Bob Denesiuk
Thank you for sharing.