Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coming Full Circle

Very soon I'll be getting my shoes (or sandals) dusty again with some good African soil. My flight is booked for January 28th. Hard to believe that this will be my 6th trip to Mozambique in four years. Time flies.

What's almost harder to believe is how far the training program has come in such a short time. Here are a couple of things that illustrate what I mean.

The "repair bay" in 2010
The repair bays now!

Prosper's first month of training with Mercy Tech in 2011
Prosper graduating from Tariro with his Mechanics Certificate, December 10, 2013
(photo by Heather Neufeld)

Me and Prosper Fernando
ASAM maintenance shop
Some really exciting news for this coming year is that Prosper will be returning to the ASAM mission base with his new certification. His job will be to work in the new shop, not only to perform maintenance for the mission, but also to start training other young men in the skills that he himself has learned. In his own words,"I am very happy to be where I am...I hope to give what I have (learned) to others."

We at Mercy Tech will be working closely with Prosper and ASAM, helping this promising young man get started in his new career. Together, we will start training many more young men from his community in the automotive repair trade. 

As part of our commitment, we will be supplementing Prosper's wages for the first year as the workshop project gets up and running. We invite you to join us financially in this exciting new phase of Mercy Tech's work. As you can see from Prosper's example, it really does make a difference.

Together, we are changing lives, one skill at a time.

We are so thankful for Dwight and Lynn Lagore, along with all the great staff at the ASAM farm, for connecting us with Prosper in the beginning, and for supporting him as he progressed with his training. Also a huge thank you to Aaron and Sarah Beecher of Tariro. Their dedication to training young Mozambicans is amazing and inspiring!

Here are some more photos of Prosper's graduation from Tariro on December 10th. Thanks to Heather (photographer) and Rick Neufeld for representing us all at this momentous event!
Waiting to be called up

Some proud friends and family

Receiving his certificate from Headmaster Aaron Beecher

Congratulations from Rick Neufeld

Receiving some tools

Reading the fine print with Joao Benjamim and Rick Neufeld

A graduation gift - a new spanner

And a thermos from Joao...every mechanic needs his coffee!

Again, a very proud mom and dad