Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Effect of a Gift

During the recent trip to Mozambique in March, I had the opportunity to present a laptop computer to Tariro, a small trades school near Gondola. This computer was donated by Toshiba Canada through the efforts of Rhona Bartolotti, one of the IT support folks at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta. Thanks, Rhona!

Loaded on the computer was a copy of the automotive training program, CDXPlus, a very effective teaching tool supplied though Tim Spurlock of Jones and Bartlett Learning-CDX Automotive. We have used this program on most of our training trips, and the students find it extremely helpful, especially because of its video content. Thanks again to Tim and also Jonathan Berkompas for making this program available to our work.
Presenting the laptop to Aaron Beecher, director of Tariro
One of my original automotive students (March 2011) is Prosper Fernando, and he has progressed remarkably well in his pursuit of an automotive career. In spite of numerous obstacles, Prosper is close to finishing his training and will receive a certificate in automotive repair from Tariro in December of this year.
Rick Cogbill and Prosper Fernando
Prosper knows the CDX program very well - having been trained on it though Mercy Tech - so when the new computer arrived at Tariro, the other students immediately asked him to show them how it works.

Because the content is in English (of which Prosper is fluent), he also has to do the translating. When I asked him if the computer is getting much use, he laughed and said, "Yes. They are always wanting me to translate the lessons for them - I don't even have time to eat!"

Tariro automotive students accepting the new laptop

A CDX training session
Our hope is that one day soon Prosper will return to the new maintenance shop being built at the ASAM mission base, and from there begin to pass on his new skills to other young men from his village.

It was also a privilege to present Prosper with his first set of personal mechanics tools, graciously donated by Andries Mulder, manager of ACDC Express in Nelspruit, South Africa.
Prosper accepting a tool kit donated by Andries Mulder of AC/DC Express in South Africa
Thanks to all who have been a part of this ongoing process - the results are starting to show, and it wouldn't be happening without your help.

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