Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final Field Report

It was our final day on the project here in Mozambique and by the time many of you read this, we'll be on our way back home to our families.

Quite a lot has been accomplished during the past 4 weeks, considering the size of this shop we are building, but a few things will have to wait for the next team to complete. Even so, here are some pictures of what we were able to do.
Don showing Vashco and Revy how to hook up power at the main panel
Burying the main power cable to the new shop
Presenting Vascho and Revy with their own electrician's toolkit (donated by Andries Mulder of ACDC Express in South Africa) 
Revy up a tall ladder to make some wire connections
Finally, all the trusses up and in place
Carrying in the roofing panels
Installing the first roof panels
Finishing some window frames
I even found time to weld up an exhaust system in our new pit
Presenting a set of tools to Tome, who did most of our welding
The shop as we left it - roof panel installation will continue after we leave
Thanks for following along with us on this adventure of faith and hope.
MTM team March 2013: Bob Brown, Bob Denesiuk, Don Bryce, and Rick Cogbill.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Many Directions at Once

When you're working with limited supplies, unpredictable weather, and unforeseen emergencies that divert you from your established plan, you will find yourself going in many directions at the same time. But sometimes that's the only way to get things done!

With that in mind, this post will be a collection of photos of the many different things that we are currently involved in here in Mozambique.

Wood turning instruction
Checking off the electrical supplies
Attending a local bush church
Lifting heavy beams into place
Donating a laptop computer to Aaron Beecher, director of Tariro training school
Enjoying a Sunday afternoon braai with friends and colleagues
Putting the finishing touches on the trusses
Digging ditches for electrical cable
Bending steel beams with heat (Dennis, your trick worked perfectly!)
Welding the beams together
Forging a new chisel for concrete work
Putting wheels on the scaffolding
Painting the beams before they go up
Plastering the repair pit
Singing worship songs with Wilhelm and Kelvin, two friends from Zimbabwe
Watching Pastor Mariano jump rope with the kids

So our days (and evenings) are pretty full. But we're enjoying our time here, and thankful to be able to put our skills to use in a practical and beneficial way. Thanks to all of you who are standing with us with your support and your prayers. It really means a lot!

Cheers from the MTM team - Bob, Bob, Don, and Rick

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raising the roof

Last Saturday the team joined with other mission staff and volunteers from the local community to put up the rafters for Joao Benjamim's new house. Joao is the administrator here at ASAM and a key member of the ASAM staff. He has been living in a tent in the campground for the past 3 or more years, and this new house will be a very welcome improvement for him indeed! It was great to see all the volunteers show up to take part in this labour of love.
Early morning coffee
Rick Neufeld and Bob Denesiuk discussing roofing techniques
Drilling the rafters for installation
The roof taking shape
Joao (in the centre) providing refreshments for the volunteers
Rick Cogbill and Prosper Fernando
One young man who came out to visit for the weekend was Prosper Fernando. Prosper was one of my first students who began learning the mechanics trade 2 years ago with us here at ASAM. He is currently studying at Tariro, a mission-run trade school a few hours south of where we are.
After helping us out with some vehicle maintenance on the weekend, we took Prosper back to school. Here we visiting his rented room where he stays while school is in session.
Aaron Beecher, director of Tariro, with Rick
The school's sawmill where they produce lumber for the carpentry class and for resale
Checking out the mechanic's shop
Artwell, the mechanics instructor at Tariro
Some of the metal products produced by the students
Don Bryce, Bob Brown, Prosper Fernando, Rick Cogbill, Bob Denesiuk
It was a great visit, and encouraging to see Prosper nearing the end of his formal training. Soon he will be ready to enter the work force as a trained mechanic.

Once again, it's evidence that lives can be changed, one skill at a time.