Monday, January 20, 2014

Pivotal Points

A couple of metal bearings don't exactly make the "photo of the day," especially in a blog that's been known to feature zebras and elephants. But these little devices have a special role to play, so 'bear' with me if you can.

A week from tomorrow, I board the plane for Mozambique. As I've mentioned before, one task before me is to build the large doors for the service bays in the maintenance shop at ASAM. Each door section (6 in all) will use a set of these bearings as hinges. So there's about 30lbs of metal sitting in a bag beside my suitcase, ready to travel half-way around the world. Yup, there's goes my weight allowance.

But here's the real question: what will the success of this trip hinge upon? What's the pivotal thing that would make a business-minded person say, Yes, the metrics made sense? 

I'm going to be bold and suggest something un-measurable, like dancing for joy when a project is completed. Like these guys celebrating the opening of the ASAM airstrip last month.
(Photo by Heather Neufeld)

Sure, I've got a long list of things I'd like to accomplish in Mozambique - who wouldn't? But we all know the best use of a to-do list in Africa - add a match and boil some water for your tea. :)

Plans are great, but when it comes to helping those in need, something tells me the most important thing to do is just show up. God will open the doors, and take it from there.

Rick Cogbill and Prosper Fernando

Thanks to everyone for making this trip possible. I'll keep you posted on the progress - and not just with the projects, but with the people they involve.

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