Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The first day of school

After months of planning and a whole lot of travel, today was the day that our training course offically began.
Todd Green teaches Mechanics 101 to our initial 6 students and 1 translator (Thanks, Joao!)
The training videos donated by CDX Automotive are making the teaching so much easier.

But first Ed had to fix the broken multimeter...

In the afternoon I made a trip with Dwight Lagore out into the bush to buy beans for the school children.

And of course, everyone wants to be in the picture!


  1. Great stuff, Dad! Glad you made it there without any catasrophes. These posts are really encouraging - keep up the good work. Much love,


  2. Have you taught everyone not to panic when their Low Tire Pressure light comes on? Thanks for putting the gauge in my glove-box before you left!
    Love you Daddy,