Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wood Lathe Training Update

"I love it when a plan comes together." That famous quote by Hannibal Smith, the crusty leader of the A-Team, rings a bell in most of us. It really is a great feeling when something you've worked at long and hard finally shows results.

Earlier this year, MTM volunteer John Topham (with the help of the Summerland Rotary Club) arranged for the shipment of a wood lathe to the SAMM mission base in Mozambique. The plan was for John to join me there during the month of May to teach local young men how to use the lathe. The goal was that through these new skills, they would be able to provide income for their families in the years ahead.

Matthias Gasser with the new wood lathe
Well, the lathe did arrive at the sea port of Beira during May, but became bogged down in customs until long after we'd returned to Canada. It was finally delivered to the base and set up by Swiss volunteer Matthias Gasser - a step forward, but not the plan we'd hoped for. It was disappointing, but God was not done with this project yet.

Through another project that John and his sons are involved with in Liberia, another trip to Africa was planned for November. John was able to add a side trip back to Mozambique on his own to do the teaching that was originally planned, and the results are shown below in some great photos taken by Dwight Lagore, Field Director of SAM Ministries in Mozambique.

Gabriel, Pindurai, and John Topham with some newly-created bowls.

Finished products from John's wood-working class
It is so thrilling to see the results of the efforts and sacrifices of dedicated people. A big thanks to John for seeing this through. We also look forward to another project that he is working on via the Summerland Rotary club and the Chimoio Rotary club in Mozambique - a library for the local school operated by the mission there.

We will be returning to Mozambique in March 2013 to continue working on SAMM's maintenance shop project . My next post will present you with the volunteers who have signed up for this ambitious trip, so stay tuned!

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