Sunday, January 13, 2013

Final Details

Our travel date is rapidly approaching - the team flies out of Kelowna on Saturday morning, February 23rd.

The stops along the way will include Calgary, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, White River, Biera, and Chimoio.
Countries touched on will be Canada, Holland, South Africa, and Mozambique.
Modes of transportation will range from jumbo jets to Cessna small planes to 4x4 pickups.
Accommodations could include (semi) reclining airline seats, airport hotels, guesthouses, and tents.
The experiences will be endless and life-altering.
The results...eternity will tell.

These recent photos from Mozambique show the progress being made on the shop walls - they are nearing completion in anticipation of our arrival.

You can read more at Dwight Lagore's recent blog update at this link:
Our thanks goes out to everyone who has made donations both large and small to the project - your gift is making a difference! The steel for the roof structure will be ordered this coming week, but there is still a need for funds to buy all the electrical supplies and roof sheeting in advance of our arrival.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift towards this important project, you will find details on the SAM Ministries website (see the link above). Donations can also be made through Summerland Baptist Church.
In anticipation of our month-long trip, the team is taking welding lessons from a friend who is an instructor at our local trades college.
Instructor Sherwood Brocke with Bob Brown and Bob Denesiuk
I'm told that my metal skills could use a little work - something about welding in a straight line? But the others are doing amazingly well, and we look forward to passing on these skills to the fellows we'll be working with for the month of March.

Thanks for following along as we once again put some dust on our shoes for the Lord, and for the people he loves.

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