Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maintenance Shop Progress - August 2013

We just received news today of some recent progress on the maintenance shop project in Mozambique. A volunteer named Richard was visiting from South Africa, and he took on the task of installing the lights, wall plugs, and switches. (The following photos provided by Dwight Lagore)
Ceiling lights installed
Wall plugs and switches
One great piece of news is that Richard was able to work with Revi and Vasco, two men that Don trained in basic electrical work during our last trip out in March of this year. I'm told that Richard was impressed with how much Revi and Vasco had learned, and how much he could let them work on their own. Great teaching job, Don!
Some high ladder work
Richard, Revi, and Rick Neufeld
Vasco and Gabriel running wire
From the following photos we can also see that the shop is now being used for vehicle maintenance.
Jacobo, Richard, and Tome getting ready to service the Toyota

Tome and Jacobo

The new ASAM mission Toyota (the white one) parked inside the shop
It's encouraging to see the progress being made. I'm looking forward to actually using this shop as a teaching facility on my next trip (spring 2014?). Thanks to the ASAM staff and all the volunteers who continue to move this project forward, even when our Mercy Tech teams are not there.

If you haven't done already done so, please take a few minutes to check out our recently relaunched website for Mercy Tech Mission

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