Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week Two - Getting into it

 The second week is usually when the work really starts to happen big time - the team (me) gets oriented, the lay of the land is surveyed (what! the electrical system is screwed up how bad?), and the project supplies and their invoices begin to arrive on site (hey, I only ordered steel, not gold).

Here are a few of the highlights (thanks to Paul Middleton and Alta Rauch for lending me some of their photos):
Building shelving in the storage rooms
The beginnings of the shop bay doors
Building the first workbench (watch your fingers, Paul)
The "finished" bench
Giving a lesson on electric motors and power tool repair
Watching Gabriel work on a bowl
A recent wood lathe creation
Prosper is glad the Ford is now finished, with a new clutch and new rear brakes
Alta Rauch, the truck "owner" is also happy to see the progress!
Another lesson on power tool repair
Okay. Any questions?
The one question I had was how I could get malaria so quickly? I came down sick Wednesday, but fortunately got started on the treatment right away, so today (Saturday) I'm doing quite well.

A few words of thanks: 
Thanks again to Tim and Ian from CDX Global for the tool donation. That blue tool box shows up everywhere around here now because it's actually full of good quality, useful tools. Prosper polishes them every night before he puts them away. 

And to Frank and the folks back at AC Motor Electric where I work in Canada, those testing meters are getting a lot of use - very glad I brought them along.

Thanks to all of you for following our work here in Africa. Your involvement helps us keep changing lives, one skill at a time.



  1. Hi Rick Paul sent me you blog i will be following you closely it was great to meet you. don't forget you bodyguard is here when needed.

  2. Great to meet you and Erin as well, Nigel. Maybe one day we'll cross paths in the UK, where I'll need your bodyguard skills to fight off the British fans!