Friday, April 1, 2011

A mission complete...for now.

Our time at the ASAM farm in Mozambique has come to an end, and Bob Denesiuk and I have returned home to North American soil. After approximately 30 hours of flight time (in planes both small and large) and many hours on the road, we are definitely glad to be back with our families again.
Rick Cogbill & Bob Denesiuk arriving in Seattle airport
(Thanks to Tom Horton for so faithfully meeting us at the airport in spite of the flight delays!)

Back in Mozambique, the Training Centre has a good start on its roof trusses, thanks to Bob and his hard-working crew...

Some school children have new school supplies and some soccer balls to play with...

And some vehicles have been fixed, as well as possible candidates identified for our automotive trades training initiative scheduled for August of this year.
Prosper installing new front brakes

Rick discussing an electrical wiring problem with Tome (foreground) and Prosper.
Of course, some animals in Kruger Game park have been caught on film once again (they seem pretty used to it...)

Some good friends have been left behind...for now. But you just never know when you might meet again.
L to Rt: Joao Benjamim, Bob, Rick, Andy Kuret - enjoying our weekly Sunday night Hamburger Helper dinner!

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to go and serve in this beautiful part of our world. But while we come home, others stay and continue on. Be sure to follow their blogs (links are on the front page) and keep them in your thoughts and prayers .

Looking ahead, the plan is for Rick to return to Mozambique in August of this year, along with Todd Green from Calgary (and possibly others), for the purpose of teaching an automotive apprenticeship program to the local men. Your support will be most appreciated as we prepare course material for the students, as well as raise the funds for the trip.
A special project over this summer will be to raise the funds needed to complete the maintenance shop (seen here at the foundation stage). For more details and information on how you can become involved, please visit our mission website. This would be a great project for service groups or businesses to take part in, as we work together to provide skills training for those in Third World countries.

So thanks for traveling along with us; your comments and e-mails have been most encouraging. May God bless you and give you peace as you consider how you can become personally involved in the needs of this you also look for ways to put a little dust on your shoes.

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  1. Dear Dad,
    While your windbreaker is pretty legit, you and Bob are smiling in the Seattle Airport which deceptively makes me believe you enjoyed the multiple flights. In fact, you look delighted! Oh, to be back on a plane with the in-flight meals :)

    Love you,