Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quick Photo Update

Hi there...just thought I'd throw up some recent photos to show you all what's been happening. It's been a busy week - work is progressing well on the shop, and John has started his woodworking classes. Still no lathe yet, but it's getting closer. It's scheduled to leave Durban, SA on May 8th and arrive in Beira, Mozambique on May 14th. We're keeping our fingers crossed!
The first loads of concrete on the first of six floor sections
The first time these workers had ever used a "screed" to level concrete
John Topham and Fani leveling the pour
Me, trying to look important (photo by John Topham)
The finished product - only five more to go
John Topham teaching his first class of woodworking theory
The first walls going up
Preparing for floor section #2


  1. Thanks for the updates, Rick.

  2. Hope all is well. Things are looking great. Keep on keepin' on, Rick.