Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

It's hard to believe that I have only one week left here in Mozambique, and also somewhat embarassing to realize that it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted an update! Where has the time gone? Maybe this set of photos will explain.
Work continues on the maintenance shop.
Only one more floor section to pour.

The automotive training also continues (photo by John Topham)
The class learns about cooling systems at the power generator shed (Photo by John Topham)

Buying maize for the feeding programs

A visit to the river where a local family is doing their laundry
Cecilia is the wife of Domingo, the mission's head shepherd
The beauty of a child's smile
Providing water for the compacting of the airstrip
John couldn't resist checking out this ancient Hino truck...
Handing out soccer balls at a local school


  1. The workshop looks great Dad! Hopefully you can bring some of the sunshine home with you when you get back. Also, why are you not doing your laundry in the river with everyone else? I thought by now you'd be pro at it.

    Love, Laura

  2. I tried, but eveyone (even the croc) got upset when I dumped a whole bag of soap into the water...