Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kruger Game Park

Today Laura and I spent most of the day in Kruger National Game Park. The day began early, as we wanted to be at the park gate when it opened. Note on the GPS that our vehicle isn't on a road...not every street in Africa makes it onto the map!

We saw a number of animals, starting with an elephant feeding by the side of the road. By the end of the day we'd come across gazelles, zebras, warthogs, cape buffalo, a giraffe, a wildebeest, and to top the list, a leopard ambling down the road! This last animal is seldom seen, so we counted ourselves lucky.

As we prepare to leave South Africa and head for Mozambique, I'm reminded that the big culture shock is yet to come. SA is very modern, has paved roads, lots of stores with products that are familiar. Just as an example, the fact that in a game park you can use your credit card, find an ATM, drive on paved roads, and have your GPS help you get around is pretty amazing.

But we know that Mozambique will be very different. For one thing, it's hotter (and we were sweating a lot today!). Getting from point A to point B is not a simple thing...fortunately we will be met at the airport when we land there Monday afternoon.

But the main thing for me is that I'll be able to get started on what we came to do - and that is to help, to serve others, and through that serving show how real the love of God is.

For those of you who pray, keep us in mind in things like travel safety, health issues, and for enthusiasm in all that we do. We've only got a month, and we want to make the best of it!

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