Saturday, February 20, 2010

School visit with Lola and Luisa

Yesterday Keren (aka Luisa) and Laura (Lola) climbed on The General and headed out to the ASAM interior primary school to observe the health class and to serve lunch. Keren had a special interest in the visit, as the school was using for the first time the health cuirriculum she created. By all reports, the visit went well...

Lots of interest by the students...

...and lunchtime was an even bigger hit.

Then they all had to try on Laura's aviators...

A special moment came as they delivered an Olympic t-shirt to Paolo, sent over by "Auntie Pat", aka Nurse Keren's mom, Pat Massey.

Paolo has ongoing problems with mysterious infections that Keren has been treating him for. Please pray that he will heal completely.

So it's time to head back to the farm...Laura waits for her ride...

...which turns out to be very wet, thanks to a sudden rain shower. But at least they made it back safely!


  1. Love it! Give my greetings to Lola and Luisa!

  2. This blog is great dad! I especially like the pictures. We miss you, come back soon...

    Love Sarah and Gordon

  3. What wonderful photos! Thank you for the glimpse into your lives. All the best! Erna

  4. cute Laura! miss you @ swimming. Stay safe and have fun. Mary